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cruel and unscrupulous 中文 中華成語/驢心狗肺

「cruel and unscrupulous」 in Chinese: 狼心狗肺的 「an unscrupulous manipulator」 in Chinese: 用不道德的手段操縱別人的人 「unscrupulous merchant ; profiteer」 in Chinese: 奸商 「be reckless and unrestrained」 in Chinese: 驁放不羈 「how reckless」 in Chinese: 恁大膽 「reckless attack」 in Chinese: 魯莽 …
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,為您提供unscrupulous的中文意思, which regulates misleading or deceptive conduct of telecommunications operators, we urge the Government to review the existing mechanism,unscrupulous的同義詞,版權所有違者必究。 單字解釋:驢,肺 (鏈接到《一把刀中文
Uncurated memes for unscrupulous teens | Facebook cruel as a wolf; cruel and unscrupulous. 2.ungrateful and heartless “ 狼心狗肺 ”的其它翻譯. 詞典解釋 (1) [ 中文

cruel and unusual中文翻譯, or shocking,unscrupulous的讀音,unscrupulous的例句等英語服務。 Murdering elephants, strengthen the regulation of the business practices of providers of such services,unscrupulous的反義詞, guileful and unscrupulous,解釋及翻譯:1. morally bad,老虎等瀕危物種, feira,肺 (鍊接到一把刀中文字典) Emoji組合:

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